Missionary Code of Conduct Agreement


Mission Youth is committed to providing a safe environment for young people that fosters the personal, spiritual, moral and apostolic development of each and every one of them. We expect all persons involved in Mission Youth sponsored activities/events to abide by and work together to create and safe-guard this environment.
Furthermore, Mission Youth recognizes that all participants are representatives of the program and should always strive to uphold the character indicative of a Mission Youth missionary. Therefore, the following code of conduct has been developed to provide a clear understanding of expectations.

Code of Conduct

1. MEDICAL FORMS: For the safety and wellness of all participants, I verify that all Medical History information provided by me on my online application is my complete medical information. It is my responsibility to take all prescription medications given to me by my doctor, which will be contained it its original dispensed form (in its original container with the pharmacy label.)

2. INVOLVEMENT/CURFEW: Participants should be actively involved in all scheduled activities as part of the Mission Youth program/event (unless, due to extenuating circumstances, permission by a staff/volunteer staff member to be excused is given). Curfew is to be followed as specified in the schedule or stated by the Mission Director. Failure to be in assigned locations may lead to dismissal from the mission trip at the expense of the missionary.

3. PARTICIPATION: Participants should be expected to remain at all Mission Youth events until the program/event is scheduled to end. Participants may not arrive early or leave the program/event without permission of a staff member. Participants are expected to stay with the group at all times unless permission by a Mission Youth staff/volunteer staff member is given to do otherwise.

4. FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS: Participants are expected to follow the directions of Mission Youth staff/volunteer staff members.

5. RESPECT FOR PROPERTY/FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Participants should respect the property of others and be responsible for their own property. Destruction or removal of facilities or equipment of others is not permitted. Financial responsibility for any damages caused by destruction will be assumed by the participant. The same applies to the property and personal items of other participants.

6. RESPECT FOR OTHERS: Participants should treat all others and themselves with respect. Aggressive, abusive, vulgar, or violent language and behavior towards others (ex: fighting, threats, insults, cursing, discrimination, etc.) is not permitted. Spreading a spirit of negativity and speaking poorly of others and/or the mission experience fosters disunity in the group. Therefore participants should direct frustrations and problems to a staff member for resolution.

7. RESPECT FOR PRIVACY AND PROTECTION OF MINORS: Participants should respect the privacy of others. Staff/volunteer staff and chaperones must abide by specifications of the volunteer agreement. The use of discretion in sharing personal stories and experiences with others is encouraged.

8. APPROPRIATE DRESS: Participants are expected to dress appropriately and modestly (e.g. no short skirts, tube tops). If asked by a staff/volunteer staff member to change dress, the participant will promptly change clothes to avoid scandal and keep in line with the spirit of the mission. When the missionary uniform is worn (i.e. mission shirt, cross, jeans) it should be worn with dignity as a representative of Mission Youth and the Catholic Church. Uniforms should be kept as clean as possible.

9. HAZARDOUS ITEMS: Possession, distribution, or use of fireworks, weapons, knives, or other items that can be used as a weapon are not permitted.

10. USE OF ALCOHOL/DRUGS: Possession, distribution, or use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco products, and unauthorized prescription drugs are not allowed during the trip. Use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products may be permitted by those of legal drinking age if permission is granted by the Mission Director and is used in a manner that is discreet and does not cause scandal to the group or to Mission Youth.


Unacceptable behavior during the Mission Trip (as defined within this Code of Conduct or through a review process by Mission Youth staff/volunteer staff) will result in consequences to the participant. Consequences may include:
1. If an infraction occurs, the Mission Youth Director or staff/volunteer staff member will communicate with the offending participant directly to inform them of the situation.
2. Restitution or repayment of damages will be the responsibility of the participant.
3. Releasing the participant to the appropriate law enforcement agency and/or the proper authorities if participant breaks the law and/or is danger to other participants and staff/volunteer staff.
4. Early release from the Mission Trip. If serious infraction occurs or failure to cooperate with the staff/volunteer staff occurs, the participant will be placed on a flight home at their expense. No refund of the mission trip will be given.

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