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How do I apply for an international mission trip?

Fill out the specific application form for that mission trip, which you can find on the website, and pay the $50 non-refundable application fee. Know that only applications that have been submitted and paid will be considered. You will receive a message either accepting you to the mission trip or explaining why you are not accepted within a week. This message includes a link to input your flight information and make the final payment.

I’m looking at the website for upcoming missions but I don’t see many. Are there more to come?

Yes, the list of mission trips is continually evolving. Usually by November most of our yearly trips are up on the site. If you would like to organize a mission trip for a specific group of people on dates you choose, find out more information HERE. If you have a question about a specific mission trip or would like to know if a trip is being planned on certain dates, you can always email us directly at

How old do I have to be to participate in a mission trip?

Mission Youth international mission trips are open for young people of 16 years and older. Having this age limit assures us that the missionary will have the physical resilience and emotional maturity necessary. Younger missionaries may be accepted on a case by case basis by Mission Youth’s National Director.

Do I need to be Catholic to join a mission trip?

No, you do not need to be Catholic to join a mission trip, however you should be aware that there are Catholic elements on our trips, like daily Mass. Further, Catholic spirituality and social doctrine profoundly inspire how we run our mission trips.

What are the benefits of attending a Mission Youth mission trip?

Mission Youth seeks long term engagement and commitment in the communities it serves, so although your personal contribution is very specific in time and reach, you are part of a much larger pastoral plan to accompany, enrich and be enriched by the communities in which we serve. Thus, a Mission Youth mission assures you that you will be making a long-lasting impact and helping real people and communities.

We have well trained staff in each our trips that ensure the proper accompaniment of the missionaries and to help them process and integrate their experience, as well as handle all the needed logistics.

Why is there a non-refundable application fee?

This fee is a sign of your commitment to participate on the mission trip and allows us to know with some months in advance how large the group is. Most importantly, it covers the initial administrative costs of setting up a mission trip.

Can I get my money back if I decide to cancel?

As stated above, the application fee is non-refundable under all circumstances. The mission fee, however, can be refunded if the cancellation occurs one month before the mission trip.

In case of a family or medical emergency, the mission fee could be refunded closer to the starting date of the mission trip at the discretion of Mission Youth’s National Director.

Is the flight included in the mission fee?

No, the flight is not included in the mission fee and Mission Youth does not assume responsibility for flight arrangements. Each missionary must obtain his/her own airfare within the stipulations on the site info pack, respecting the days and times of arrival and departure. This is very important as often the airport is two or three hours away from the mission site and we are unable to pick up missionaries in different shifts.

Are the mission sites safe?

“Safety” is a relative term and we cannot guarantee in an absolute way the safety of the missionaries, as there are several circumstances outside of our control. However, we do take safety very seriously. We only visit countries with a travel advisory level of 1 or 2, as rated by the US Department of State (learn more about travel advisories HERE). We also maintain close relationships with partners on the ground who have proved to be trustworthy and continually assess the state of the communities we visit by gathering information from local sources as well as official channels.

Regarding food safety, we take ample precautions with the selection and modes of preparing food. We only provide bottled drinking water.

Are there hospitals near your mission sites?

Yes, there are professional health clinics that offer at least the basic health services within 30 minutes of our mission sites.

How can I be contacted when I am on a mission site?

The staff on the mission trip always have a cellphone with coverage in whichever country you are and check their text messages and e-mails regularly. You will receive specific information pertaining to your mission trip in a “Last minute info” e-mail sent a week before your departure.

Can I do a longer mission trip?

Our ordinary mission trips are one week long, however sometimes we have mission trips back to back on the same site and there is a possibility for you to join a couple of them, and thus do a longer mission.

If you are looking for long term mission service, we recommend our partner and sister programs. Click here.

I want to make a donation to Mission Youth. What is my donation covering and is it tax deductible?

Any donation made to Mission Youth is 100% tax deductible. Donations made online HERE receive an automatic tax receipt. Donations made via check receive a tax receipt statement in the mail in January of the following year, if the donation is of over $250.

Your donation will be used to directly cover the costs of setting-up and maintaining our international mission sites.

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