Long Term Mission Opportunities

A question many young adults have returning from a mission trip is: “I was so happy doing this week of service...is any way to continue being a missionary?" 
Mission Youth offers several opportunities!  Below are a list of scholarship opportunities open ONLY to young adults who have participated on a week-long mission trip. 
The following opportunities each require a letter of recommendation from the director of Mission Youth. Use the contact form at the bottom of page to submit a request for the recommendation letter:

Divine Mercy University Scholarship

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Mission Youth and the Washington DC based Divine Mercy University. The university provides post-graduate degrees in psychology and counseling.  All Mission Youth missionaries will receive a 25% tuition discount upon acceptance and with a letter of recommendation from the national director of Mission Youth. 

Volunteers at Magdala Center

Imagine living a semester in the Holy Land! The Magdala Center on the Sea of Galilee needs help from volunteers to give tours, attend to the gift shop, clean the facilities and provide support for the pilgrim groups needs, among many other things. There is an agreement between Magdala and MY that applications including a letter of recommendation from Mission Youth will be given a higher priority over other applications.

Regnum Christi Mission Corps

RC Mission Corps is a program of formation and accompaniment designed for young Catholics to have a real experience of Christ’s love, to be formed as apostles, to live selflessly and in constant self-giving in service of their neighbor, and to experience a journey towards vocational fulfillment, serving the the local Church through active apostolate and to help other young people find the meaning of their lives in Christ.  

     All Mission Youth missionaries who apply to the program can receive a letter of recommendation from the national director of Mission Youth and a $250 scholarship (if accepted). 

Catholic Worldview Fellowship

The Catholic Worldview Fellowship is a month-long summer experience that forms, networks and empowers talented college students to evangelize culture through the lens of the Catholic Worldview. 

     The program takes place at Castle Wissen in the German Rhineland and the University of Notre Dame’s Villa in Rome, Italy. The dates are July 5 - August 1, 2019 and the early application deadline is January 15, 2019.

     All Mission Youth missionaries may request a letter of recommendation for their application to attend the Catholic Worldview Fellowship.

Mision Maya

Misión Maya is a Catholic international volunteers and missionaries network that supports and strengthens, with different programs the work of evangelization and growth of the Mayan Territory and attends the human and spiritual needs of each one of its inhabitants. We want to improve the quality of life in the Mayan communities and to raise the dignity of the human person through an adequate education in health, academics and human formation. 

     All MY missionaries will receive a $200 discount to their semester fee and a letter of recommendation from the director prioritizing your application.

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