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The Saint Croix missions reach out to communities facing great needs on that little island.  Our missions are essentially a pilgrimage where you will be "roughing it" with friends and stepping outside yourself to be Christ's missionary. Your mission work will serve both the spiritual and physical needs of the people you encounter. The current project involves helping with evangelization in the area.  Spiritual evangelization work includes opportunities to interact with the townspeople and local schools and orphanages by hosting kid’s camps, giving spiritual talks, leading sports activities and organizing liturgical celebrations.


  • Cost: $200 ($50 application fee + $150 mission fee) + airfare.

  • Length of the mission: 7 days

  • Lodging: Private residence

  • Spots available: 10 high school boys, 3 adult chaperones

  • Arrival airport: Henry Rohlsen Airport (each missionary is responsible for booking his own flight)

  • ​Who can apply? At this moment, young men (16 and up) in ECYD/RC in Louisiana. Looking to open it up to everyone further down the road.

To sign up for a mission trip you need to fill the appropriate application form online (by clicking on the button next to the mission you want to attend) and pay the $200 online application fee.

Mission Dates

August 22-30, 2020

St Croix Cajun Mission

Invite only: ECYD/RC young men from Louisiana + adult chaperones. 

Requires airfare.

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