Pastoral Plans and Mission Projects

Mission Youth seeks long-term investment in the communities it serves. ​Throughout the years we have become involved in different long-term projects in these communities and we strive to support them in an integral way. We partner with local persons and institutions which are fully committed to the community and which thus allows our services to have a deeper impact. Our pastoral plans are a continuous work in progress and meet the challenges poor communities face.  We have identified some projects which we want to support both by bringing missionaries for evangelization and as well financing the projects themselves. If you would like to make a donation towards a specific project, you can do so by following the links below.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The mission in Haiti is an immersion in the poorest country in our hemisphere. The complexity of the problems facing this country demand entering into the pastoral planning of the diocese and being deeply committed to long-term support. Haiti is not a place for creative short-term pastoral initiatives.  In the present moment, Mission Youth is working at developing two rural schools west of Port-au-Prince, along with a church renovation and building project.    

Ministry in the Peripheries
Support Mission Youth's pastoral initiatives Ministry in Haiti, as summer camps.
School Tuition
Sponsor one child's education at St. Joseph's school in Galette Chambon
Floor for the School
The structure of St Joseph's School is ready -- the next step is to put tile floor.
Church Structure
Fr Wathner has plans for a new Church at Boucandrice, near Gallete Chambon
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Chinandega, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country in central America that has been the site of an intensive missionary effort although mostly non-Catholic in recent years.  For this reason, there is a considerable need for bringing the Catholic faith and evangelization to the poor in the southwest region of the country.   Mission Youth has supported orphanages, schools and parishes in recent years.  

Ministry in the Peripheries
We spend a lot of time with kids in the mission trips, sponsor a pinata, the food and drinks or games!
Girls' Orphanage
Scholarships for the girls at the Orphanage most of our groups visit.
Home for the Blind
The staff at Casa Santa Lucía has asked us for musical instruments.
Immaculate Conception Parish
Throughout the years missionaries have done most of the work at this Parish, details are missing.
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Ahuazotepec, Puebla

The village of Ahuazotapec in central Mexico has been a long standing mission site for us.  The deep Catholic faith of the people and the rural farming setting makes an ideal place for missionaries to be present and contribute to the spiritual need of the people.    A pressing need for the local families in the area is the problem of inadequate housing.  Many families are forced to live in one room houses.  To raise the dignity of the people, Mission Youth has begun a home building project.  Groups of young adults have built small three bedroom homes that take only a week to construct.  At the present, we have built 14 houses.  Alongside the houses we have also built a church and done extensive repairs to the churches in the area.  

Ministry in the Peripheries
Ahuazotepec receives missionaries 6+ times a year. Suport our work in the community!
Home for a Family
$6,000 and a week's labor can provide a Family with a 3-room cement home!
Sacramental Ministry
Missionary priests are able to provide the sacraments for those who are not reached by the Parish's ordinary ministry.
Development of Community Center
The community center where missionaries stay could use some upgrading
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